We deliver in the radius of 20 kms from our restaurant. So even if your zip code is not in below list we still deliver in this radius.

With new launch we have made modifications on the minimum orders for each zone. We reduced the minimum orders for many areas,
Also we have a new concept now for calculating delivery charge for your area. There is fixed delivery charge for each area. Then based on distance there is additional distance cost.
Once the order has increased certain size (see table) then distance cost is removed first. Then above the certain order size the delivery cost is also removed. You start getting discounts above certain order sizes.

E.g. if you are in Post code 8003 then minimum order is CHF 25. The fixed delivery cost is CHF 2. If you are less than 2kms from us then the distance cost is chf 2. If your order is CHF 55 then you do not have any delivery or distance costs. If the order is above CHF 60 then you get 5% discount on your o

Distance Costs